Sunday, November 18, 2007


so ok,
i slept at about 2 lst night cause the sashes and 24 kept me up and i bought this super huge Vogue so flipped through it which was hell/heaven.
hell cause it was so heavy (840 freakin' pages) and heaven cause fashion spreads were amaziiiing :o
haha so yeah.
woke up at 10.50 from Mama's call.
i was so sleepy i slept back but ofcourse i couldn't so woke up and straight away continued doing my sashes.
mygod, those things, i swearrrrr are hell.

haha :D
so went to rachael's party SO late.
like at 4.15 and it starts at 1 -.-'
so went there and had loads of fun (:
then, at about 5.20 i tumpang-ed Nikki's dad who is SO nice, ;o
so yeah went to kiara park.
met up with Amanda and Natrah (:
set up a little but when Pauline came, we had to gather around for the Treasure Hunt ( kudos to Lian and Pauline for organizing, really good job ) and i was teamed up with Karen, Nikki and Kaveetha. (:
hahahaha, we wonnnnnnn.
twas so much fun but seriously freakin tiring.
they were always ahead of me when it comes to running around.
was so so so so so so tired and sweaty, haha.
but hell fun.
the clues were really awesome.
haha, we won which added the cherry on to the cake.

So later everyone who could, jumped into the pool.
was SO jealous man.
i really really wntd to join them but ugh, female problems was a penghalang.
so yeah, ate and talked and had fun WHEN this couple tiba tiba je screamed and accused one of the guys in touching his er, y'knw la wht.
so like, he was very kecoh and tht kinda spoiled the whole thing which really wasn't necessary cause it was already beginning to get all fun.
OH YEAH, played water balloons with Natrah.
HAHA :D bestttttt.

so yeah, this couple really spoiled it but nevertheless, the party was a success, well sort of.
had fun Fun FUN :D

don't hv any pictures though.


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