Tuesday, November 20, 2007

baby worlds,

so today is Monday, ok, not so much cause it's already 12.17 am so tht notes a new day sooooo,

today is Tuesday.

Anyway, i just called to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ASHLEY PHUAH somethingsomething cause yeah well, i can never get her lst name right.
haha :D
anyway, i'm actually honoured to say tht i'm the loudest wish so far to call Ashley.
hahaha :D
i've done my job, maaaan.

so technically, yesterday (since it's tuesday already so i'm addressing Monday as yesterday to avoid further confusion) i woke up at 12.37.
haha :D
by a text msg from Sarah.
so woke up after tht, and did things i frgt.
by 2.15 we, meaning Mama, Tania and I were out of the house, heading off to OneUtama to watch Stardust.
haha, Mama loved it.
it's a really really good show and the fact that they had the best actors on board, helped.

so yeah, came bck, popped the 24 dvd and watched.
mygod, tht show's addictive.
i actually hv the portable dvd player with me right nw, so tht i can bring it up to my room and watch it.
haha (:
and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why i wake up at noon.

i am SOOOOO dying to watch Enchanted, weiiiii.
it's up on 22nd so this weekend, probably out with Sarah to watch.
I mean, hel-lo, Patrick Dempsey is gng to be in it.
Enough said.

Schl is gng to be reopened on the 3rd of January.
call me crazy, but i'm counting the days.


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