Saturday, November 17, 2007


i'm SO going to miss this class.
when i first entered this class, i have to admit, i didn't like it just because it wasn't like my old class.
i have a hard time adjusting myself to new surroundings and all but this was very hard cause well, everything's hard when you're a teenager.

anyway, November 14th marked the last day in 2 Edison.
Twas fun, having no teachers entering the class.
had fun playing speed, heartattack, and ofcourse BullShit.
hahaha :D
especially when played with your closest friends, it cannot get any better.

so, LiMay was the first to tell me that i'll be in Edison next year.
haha, was happy but since i just came up from tht horribly long flight of stairs, i had to catch my breath in order to really process it.
hahaha :D

anyway, a bunch of Einsteiners will be in Edison.
which will be a good change actually.
but tht also means, kicking out some of Edisoners who i love dearly.
Like Athirah and Shuhada so have been such great friends.
Athirah especially cause she's been such a bundle of fun and shared heaps of laughter together and she's the one who'd teman me to the library (:
fun times, i shan't forget.
ooookay, this sounds like English Class 101

oh and the guys as wellllllllllllllll.
awwww ):
Hasifi, Syauqi, Redza, Arif, Zainul and all.
they are super duper funny weiiiiiiiiii.
they can make you laugh even when you're down.
they're the best ever.
i'm SO gng to miss them and their antics.

Next year's 3 Edison is gng to be SO stiff, my god.
Everyone is so smart ;O
I'll probably get like one of the last position.

Holy Cow.

Thanks For The Memories, everyone.


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