Thursday, November 8, 2007


had a great time at kaveetha's (:

went there like at abt 1.50 - 2.
yeah, was a bit late seeing that mama went to buy chocolates as a small gift.

everyone greeted me like they haven't seen me in like 10 years.
hahaha :D
saw audreyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
almost everyone was already there.

haha :D
so sat down with pauline, diyana, lian and jeisee and ate rice (:
haha, but i was so full from my mcd fries tht i ate earlier then, i only ate little.
hmph :/
so like, the others were playing wrestling match.
no no, nt physically.
haha :D
they were screaming and laughing but i'm nt tht pandai in all these ps2 thingymabob so i just sat down with whoever at the dinner table and talked.

HAHA :D had fun talking to the guys.
apparently, they work 0.o
actually, ntah, i dnt knw.
i was very blur and it was very er, confusing, if you will.
oh well (:

had so much fun.
then we took a ton of pictures and kaveetha did her coconut dance which was hillarious.
i laughed a LOT !

oh oh, Aishah J was thereeeee !
haha :D
missed her laaaa.

so yeah, did more awesome stuffs.
OH, we saw kaveetha's pictures when she was smallllllllllll.
hahaha, aww, so cuuuuute.
and chubby :o
hahaha :D

and OH we played tht game, er, wait, i frgt it's name dah -_-'
ok, i seriously dnt knw how to spell this game, oh well.
hahahaha :D
tht's how ashley spelled it so i just went with it.

Anyway, overall it was a fun day but stupid mosquitoes la kan.
next week will be another fun weekend :D
fo sho, yo.


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