Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So er.
Today was school.
nothing much happened.
the usual.
I didn't stay in class tht much.
was in the makmal cyber to print out my sejarah folio.
this is wht procrastination can do to you.

tmrw is deepavali and heading off to kaveetha's which was nice of her to invite lil ol' me. (:

my results are sucky like shit.
Seriously, i need to put on my 'game'.
HAHA, tht sounded so corny, like really.
next year is already pmr and if i stay with this kind of results, my hopes of getting 8A's are pretty much down the drain.
damn damn damn.

And Natrah has already strtd studying for form 3 science.
EEEEEE, stupid.
i don't like smart people.
they make me feel stupid.

So, I'm catching a movie with Sarah on Friday.
prolly some shopping action.

schl is almost over and tht marks the end of 2 Edison.
I had an awesome year overall as i'm the new kid.
SMKTTDI has treated me well.
Does the fact that my mum is a senior teacher ?
For a new kid, i coped well.
Thank God fr tht.


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