Friday, November 23, 2007

good life,

whaddup homies.

it's friday today.
sumpah, when i woke up, i thought the weekend's here -.-'
this holidays are growing to become a huge bore.
anyway, today i woke up at the AMAZING hour of 10.
byfar, tht is the earliest, well, nt really, cause the other day i woke up at 7 but slept bck at 8 so it doesn't really counts.
so yeah, woke up, came downstairs, a big spread of breakfast, so ate 2 nasilemak.
hahaha, see, i DO eat.

so yeah, watched a bit of tv and bathe.
dressed, then went out to KLCC with mama and tania.
but made a stop at my cousins house cause we went to fetched my grandmum who was there for a quick visit.
so later, we headed to klcc.
dnt ask me when i arrived cause i completely forgotten anything by then.
was sleepy.

After finally finding a parking spot, my first stop was TopShop
And came across this really bright pink skirt.
It was knee length but a tad bit shorter, probably 2 inches or so.
haha, so, naturally, tried it on, and fitted on well, but was doubtful cause of the REALLY OHGMYGOD bright shade.
i was thinking of possible choices of tops to wear it with.
but twas pretty.
i thought i could pull it off so y'knw, why not ?

but then, went to Marks&Spencer, nothing there.
Then, went to ZARA cause my sister wntd to buy a hoodie.
i swear, ZARA is getting boring by the day.

SOOOOO, bfr lunch, Tania and I sprinted off to KINOKUNIYA cause like, you can't go to KLCC without stopping over at Kino. It's not right.

So ofcourse, bought the latest TEENVOGUE issue, the one with Natalie Portman in it.
I like her, because she's smart.
And she's using that knowledge she has to kinda, save herself from the cruelty of Hollywood.
OH, and she looks real pretty in the cover spread.

And i really wanted to buy that 'Those Girls' novel.
But Tania, asked if she could buy that Bratz Annual '08 book and at first, begged me, but later when she saw that i wanted to buy that novel, she *konon-kononnye* merajuk and being all nice saying that 'takpe, you buy la tht novel, i can buy this another time' but see, the nice one here, really, is me.
so put the book back and bought tht Bratz for her cause in my evil mind of mine, i knew, tht book could be a bait whenever i ask her to do a favour for me.
Like when i ask her to do something, and she gets too lazy to do it, i'll raise this 'But, i DID buy you tht forty dollar book for you riiiiight?'
I knw, i knw, i'm good.
went bck to Topshop and 'purchased' this red checkered top which i love so much and well, simply cause it's wht Ashley wears. HAHA.
Inspired yo.

Then went to San Francisco Steakhouse for lunch.
I give it a 4/10.
I ate the Mushroom steak and totally regret eating the buns and garlic bread bfr tht cause i was already secretly full ;o
but ofcourse if i told tht to mama, she'd be like, 'Ish, shouldn't hv eaten byk kaaaaan.' then jeling.
and later bising cause i won't be finishing HALF of the steakk.
so yeah, ate the steak anyway.
but couldn't finish 1/4 of it which is good la.

And came bck, plopped onto my bed and opened up my TeenVogue.
As usual, was 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' cause TeenVogue never fails to make me inspired fashionwise.
Alright, love, i'm off.

HAHA, don't you just love the fact tht i called you 'love'?
Laugh, godammit.


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