Sunday, October 14, 2012


Guess who I met for breakfast ?!?!?!?!!?!

Hehehehe what a lovely surprise ! She and Dean came into Chinoz and I was like "HIIIII" ok maybe not that lah but I smiled and they came towards Mama and I and salam-ed. Ughhh lawa lah dahlah tak pakai make-up.

And I told her I was wearing the necklace that I bought from them yesterday and Vivy asked if she could take a photo of me !!!!!

And she tweeted about it which I was like "ahhhhhhh"
We spoke kejap before leaving the place in which Mama was like "Ok, have a nice meal you two!" so cute lah i luv them

K I gotta stahp !!!! Just wanted to share my morning and how it was so nice and lovely hihi

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