Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sri Melaka and Paranormal Activity

Woke up extra early (according to me lah of course) at 830 because I had a movie to catch with my high school budsssss. So excites !!! Haven't seen them in foreverrrrr so I was really really looking forward to spending some time with them !

Watched Paranormal Activity 4 in which for the majority of the movie, watched it behind my fingers and constantly muttering

"Why did I agree to watch this again why why remind me to stab Hafeez after the movie"

ughhhhh and this movie wasn't deemed scary by my friends pun !!! What the hell, I'm just not made for horror movies. I remember after watching the first PA, I couldn't bring myself to sleep for 3 weeks and I'm not kidding or exaggerating !!!! I even spilled popcorn all over myself at one point sebab I terjumped. Lol pathetic

Thennnn we went to eat lunch at Sri Melaka ! Love this place so I was happy that Hanif suggested to have lunch there. Y'know how I am with nasi and lauk ! Comforted myself with my happy food after a crazy movie.

Missed all of them especially Hafeez Azhar, twins and Dina !!!!! Made me laugh like cray even without them saying anything that funny. Nothing can replace this bunch of kids luv 'em forever.

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