Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Had to run some errands today and by errands I mean just one trip to the bank to get a new account because believe it or not, after not using my debit card in so long, I actually forgot the pin number. Should my mum be proud that I haven't been withdrawing cash ?!?!?!

What I Wore Today (ooh I should start hashtagging #wiwt instead of #ootd) (copyright!) Tania's top from Forever 21 and Mama's palazzo pants. Basically, I didn't wear anything that was mine.

(And yes, that is a Justin Bieber poster behind me.....)

 Went to One Utama for lunch and had Dave's Deli although my heart and my soul and my whole being wished we had gone for teppanyaki instead :( :( :(

My face explains it all! But still sedap lah. But still. Teppanyaki.

Sent Tania for tuition and I went to Bangsar to get my eyebrows done, leaving my Mum and Iman to watch Taken 2. Took me only 15 minutes and really, best feeling to take out your parking ticket, prepared to pay only to see that you were under the 15 minute time period and don't need to pay anything! Free parking is hard to come by these days. What am I talking ok moving on

Movie wasn't done yet so I had to go back to OU and got some things for college.

Grab a seat, people because what I'm about to show you are 3 items you'd think I'd never own in my life! Well, you're wrong!

And they were all relatively affordable! I thought it was going to cost me a bomb. It was all under 60 bucks! Yay. And love the cap too, can't wait to wear it for Health Awareness Week and the Sports Carnival in KY. And also cause it's pink and purple. Obnoxious but pretty. I've promised myself to atleast skip rope lah kan kat gym tu. People say "Dah kurus tak payah exercise lah takpe!". Hello people, this girl got no abs!!!!! Not saying I want a washboard flat tummy, I want one that's toned and healthy looking. My tummy looks like a blob.

Selamat Beriadah, everyone!

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