Sunday, October 14, 2012


Had a late start to the day because of the heavy heavy rain. I was supposed to send my sister for golf but that didn't happen because rain got in the way and I'm so thankful ! Otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed another hour (and a half) of sleep.

Got up and got ready for Churp Out 2012 at Publika mainly cause i) Vivy Yusof. For you who don't know who she is, she's a law student from LSE turned fashion entrepreneur and co-founded the online fashion site "Fashion Valet" along with her husband, Fadza Anuar. And she maintains a blog on her daily life. Basically, she's kinda everything I wanna be in the future. She's so cool and funny and on top of all that, she's head strong and so successful at such a young age. I don't know how and insyaAllah if and when I get my university offers to do business in the UK and if and when I DO go to the UK, I'm going to go ahead and try my luck in steering my life into the direction that she did. She's such an inspiration to me. 

So of course when she said she'll be at the Churp Out event, Tania and I were like "We'll be there!".

After lunch at home, we headed to Publika in the rain and met Vivy !!!! But I managed to buy a necklace first of course because she was talking to some of the people there so didn't want to barge in and say


But totally acted cool (waving enthusiastically counts as cool right?) and got the courage to go up to her and asked 

"Hi Kak Vivy, can we take a photo with you?" and she was all "Sure sure of course!". 

I fumbled with my camera and Tania took it to take a photo but I told her to be in the photo sekali and Dean (her husband) offered 

"You want me to take the photo for you?" (!!!!!!) So sweet lah i cannot deal ! 

And I told her I already bought a necklace from FV there and she was so cute cakap 

"Did you get the one yang pink tu ? I have the same thing ! Good taste, good taste" 

(k y'all can tell how much I love her because I can actually remember how the conversation went word by word) 

She's so petite too ! She had such high heels though. Before this photo was taken, she rushed to my right 

"Ok, I have to be on this side!" Too cute lah I cannot !

HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY !!! :) SO happy got to finally meet her ! 
I tweeted her and she actually replied ! Ok Nadia, calm down.


We moved on to other parts of the mall and it was nothing much besides this small shop called "Kaleidoscope" so pretts everything there feel like buying all the small knick knacks that I know I won't use ever. Had to do the boring walk back to letak balik benda benda that I wanted. I did get a bangle for me and another one for my mum because it was too pretty !!!!! One was rose gold and the other just gold. Preeeeetssssss. I love it. This is highlight #2.

Pana called me and asked where I was and without waiting for my reply, she said 

"OU. Now. Now. Just come to OU now."

So I did. Met up with her and Zati and roamed around aimlessly because Pana wanted to get a pair of jeans (in which she didn't) but the hunt for jeans failed because i) We didn't enter any other shop other than Cotton On and Zara in which in both stores, nobody headed to the the denim section and ii) We got sidetracked in Chillis. Didn't really eat much because of my lunch at home but accompanied the two as they downed their old timer burgers. 

Met up with my parents at the Curve and my mum was so cute to actually say that she'll wait dekat the parking lot to help me with my parking because she knows I hate parking hahahahaha in which of course I said "takpe mum!" and managed to park successfully. 

Phew. Highlight #3 was the surprisingly abundant parking in both OU and Curve.

Sandwiches for dinner at O'Briens and left for home.

What was the highlight of your day ? 


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