Sunday, August 22, 2021

another weekend

It's a Sunday evening. I have the Southampton - United game on and while I watch that, thought I'd blog about whatever I can think of. 

Read somewhere that said "In 4 months time, 2020 would've been 2 years ago" which absolutely blew my freaking mind. HOW! We've lost most of this year to Covid, unfortunately. It's almost been about 3 and half months that I've been working from home though I do remember my company taking a couple weeks off earlier on too. It feels like forever. I finally bought myself a foldable desk - the one you'd prop up on your bed. I don't have a desk in my room because the last one just became tempat letak all the junk and it was too much clutter so I took it out. So now for most of the day, I work on the floor, cross legged with a cushion to support my back. I can't wait for massage parlours to open up, I need that body cracking sesh stat.

Actually, I can't wait for SO many other things to open. Nail parlours, cinemas, badminton courts (for more than just singles!), mamak's, you name it, I miss it! I went into this year with shoulder length hair. Now it's so long, frazzled and untamed. Dine in's have started to open up though not for every restaurant. I really respect that though! I saw that Kenny Hills have decided to remain open only for take outs and deliveries which I think is a great move considering that we're still high in our daily cases. I do take comfort however that a good majority (like 98-99%) comprises of stage 1 & 2 cases. So, cases that are either asymptomatic or with very light symptoms. Alhamdulillah. Numbers may seem scary on the surface but I think if we were to look at it closely, it's quite hopeful and optimistic to see that serious cases have been on the low. Still though... death is a death is a death. It's still a loved one to someone and that's never been lost on me. 


Another work week ahead of us. Last few weeks have been pretty tough and busy but I managed to power through, with some tears and LOTS of cursing in between. I pray it'll be a relatively easier one this week. This weekend I didn't check any work texts nor attended to anything work related. I just took naps, watched movies, texted a bunch of friends and ate a whole lot. 

It's already the 22nd of August! Phew. Looking forward for the end of this damn virus already.

Bye, talk soon. Take care, eat vitamins and most importantly, stay home! 


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