Monday, June 18, 2012


And a night full of tuxedos and long (and short) dresses and an epileptic dance floor (I'll get onto that later!), prom 2012 has ended. 

  • Great company (booked a room with 3 others which was so fun because the room was nice and spacious and Amal and Sarah got up early so they went out for the breakfast buffet and bungkus-ed some things back for Mars and I :") sweethearts!)
  • Yummy food (the prom buffet was good though the desserts were so sikit and I didn't like any. Sad and disappointed Nadia is sad and disappointed).
  • Stunners go all around stunnin' (boys in tuxedos... please. Nothing beats boys in tux. And girls looking all glam and dressed up. So fun looking at everyone showing off their inner girly girl in them judging from their hair and makeup).
  • The epileptic dance floor. WEIIII I keep forgetting how much I love dancing. Daaaamn fun lah. But the lights were crazy ballssss. It was like camera flashes (like 100 flashes a second kinda thing) so the whole time I was dancing, it was as if I was looking at a stream of photos in a flipbook. SO cool beyond words but SO pening kepala hahaha. I had to take a break several times to make sure I wasn't going half crazy.
Overall I had a good time being in the company of my good friends though the prom was really for the seniors so we were just like guests that were just.. there.

Next year's prom is going to be so kick ass.

With my favourite bunch of juniors. They're mad hilarious.

This is secretly my favourite photo because we all look like Zati...

With the Prom King and Best Dressed; Amir and Hazeem :") 

With Hanieshaaa 

With my loverlies

Hoped the seniors had the time of their lives here in KY; they deserved it! 

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