Saturday, June 9, 2012


Above is our 'Zati' face. Lololol. Sorry darling :* 

This is our 'Wei lek' face. 

This is Marissa. Stayed in my chalet watching That's So Raven til 2 in the morning. Love this girl !

Home sweet home !

Just got back from Bangsar with Mum for brunch. Got myself some new things. Mmmm I love new things. Especially when it's shoes. Because God knows it takes me forever to get new shoes. My Ferragamos are dyinggggggg. High time to get new Varina's ? Heh heh

I've been thinking of the new things I'm gonna go for my bedroom so I'm wondering if any of you reading this know any place that has nice furniture ? I don't want to be limited to just Ikea (though I'd probably end up with like 99% things from there). Please do tell ! :)

Prom in a week. So unsure now.

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