Sunday, June 3, 2012



Prom shopping was so much fun !! Managed to book an appointment with Mac and bought a cute top from Forever 21 and scored earrings.

  • Walked  to Farenheit to check out Charles & Keith only to realise there's a store in Pavilion itself so the running was VERY UNNECESSARY thanks Mars :* 
  • Found a watch like mine only this time it was all leathery and gorgeous-y. And it's tanned. I LOVE TANNED BAGS/SHOES/WATCHES/PANTS.
  • I need that watch. Mental note for future birthday present - TICK!
  • Was thisclose to buying everything else in MbMJ. 
  • Couldn't get my hands on any decent looking wallets around :( I miss my Miu Miu.
  • Saw so many kids in their 'hipster' getup like cameras as big as their faces and shades and walked in groups of 20. And we're like "Ahh youth" cheh bajet cam dah tua 25 tahun wei lek lek
  • Topshop you've disappointed me in ways more than one. So boring and blah and I think it's high time you bring in some new things.
  • Cotton On messy as my room. And that's really really messy; threw me off. EVEN FOR ME.

And Rasta with the rest but not without karaoke time in the car with these 2 crazies.

What a good Saturday :) x

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