Thursday, June 7, 2012


So first and foremost, happy belated birthday Sheema Sheemz!!!!! :) The ninja chaletmate but so lucky to have you :* 

It's Day #1 of my fasting debt and I actually managed to wake up and bersahur. A feat !

Besides the hot weather and all of us melting slowly but surely, there's nothing else that's new. Classes are slowly beginning and it's so tiring. Feel so mleh everyday. Every Monday mesti dah looking forward nak balik rumah haahaha. 

About a week to prom and 2 weeks til graduation for the seniors. And a month (give or take) til we become seniors. 

Wei lek lek lek.

Today was our swimming gala too ! Every team won something so yay to all 4 houses!

See you in the next post ! x

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