Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ariel's Lair

Hello ! 

Can't believe it has already been a week. It flew so fast !

Phew. My room is now empty and is painted. I can't take credit for the painting because I've done it before and it looked horrible so Mak Su Lin and Kakak has taken over and they're doing a far better job than I ever will. That's one more domestic chore I can't do.

My sister and I went to Ikea after getting paint. We went to ronda ronda and see what we wanted and we took photos and wrote it down. Shopping with Tania can be quite fun. Bought a few very unnecessary things like paper cups (the floral print on it looked so dainty and pretty, we couldn't resist!) and napkins (also, it looked pretty).

Had to sit down at the desks area and think it through because by then we were just aimlessly picking out things we wanted, not realising where to place those things. It was productive though. Can't wait to get them and see my room all pretty and how I want it. Photos, if you're interested, will be up when my room is finally done and up to par. The perfectionist in me (this trait of mine hardly comes to light but this time she's in full time!) wants to decorate the room with all the small tidbits that makes a room, a room.

My sister and I have been living like hoboes though, sleeping on the floor, from one room to another.

Oh, and I drove !!!! For the first time in so long. Went to go get more paint and Mama was too lazy to go anywhere so I volunteered in which she told me "Go lah, go slowly slowly" -___- I dragged Iman with me because I have to have someone in the car with me and she knows much more about the car than I do. Then we went to fetch Tania in which she just had to Instagram a photo of me driving.

Mak Su Lin so kindly volunteered to paint (in which I so 'kindly' let her) and she texted us while we were in Ikea that the colour looked like something out of Ariel The Little Mermaid movie..

.. I texted her back

"That was EXACTLY what I wanted. Like, Ariel's lair liddat"

Iman decided to take advantage and painted my (horrible) pink wall. She reckons it was an epic and coincidental painting. K.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend ahead, insyaAllah. Please go out and enjoy yourselves !


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