Saturday, June 11, 2022

My 2022 Raya

Hi! I wish I was a better blogger but facing the realities of work, once I come home and wind down, I kinda just want to scroll through TikTok 'til I fall asleep. 

Raya's come and gone! I can't believe I missed out on blogging that. In short (ye ke short), I absolutely enjoyed my one week holiday in Penang. Raya came unexpectedly early this year, the first time I've experienced it! And that was pretty eventful in and of itself. The *content* on TikTok and Reels and alllll the captions. It was hilarious to see. It was very rushed for a lot of people who expected another day of fasting. We were all good alhamdulillah in the Mahmood household. We did go out to buy lemang at 11pm just behind our house. But the market place was SO packed, the line extended outside. It was crazy! But also I'm sure very necessary lah since some people tak start apa pun lagi. 

But I loved it allllll, from start to finish. The food, the late night games, the company, the hecticness, the kecohness, the laughing, everything. It was so wonderful to see Raya in full force again. Amelia and Iman at point, got emotional about it and was tearing up seeing the house so full. I was happiest for my grandparents because they, above everyone else, missed this most. I loved it. It was the best Raya for my family and I alhamdulillah. I also went to Taiping after so, so, so, so long and that was sooo fun too. I just love seeing beraya all out and it was so nice to see everyone gathering together again. I can't describe it, I was just very happy.

I won't post many photos here sebab dah lama dah but some of my ultimate favourites. We had no theme for the first day but we were decked in purple for the second! 

The aforementioned lemang buying.

Raya announcement time! 

Nothing like a good Raya morning spread.

Iman's annual glam team.

Outfit's from Whimsigirl! I bought the sage green one first but always had the pink in mind so succumbed and got it too.

Whimsigirl team in Taiping! In the middle is our sweet, sweet cousin Elin.

Second day ''fit! I tailor made this. Perhaps one of my favourites I have.

Even Jeevan flew over! It was so nice and fun to have him in Penang and for him to see how we celebrate Raya. 

With my favourite in life.

Loved this year's colour theme. Mine's not exactly 100% purple but I think it made for a good colour mix anyway! Hehe

Hope you had a pretty great Raya too! We're about a few weeks away from Raya Haji and insyaAllah we will also be there in Penang to celebrate even if it's just for a few days. Stoked anyway! I always love going back - it's home.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm going to continue on my Stranger Things binge - as usual, I'm only starting on the show (from episode 1 of season 1). So far, so good. Don't know how I feel about this genre though!


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