Sunday, September 6, 2009


Serioussss I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Gossip Girl season 3. COMEL GILA BABSSSS LA CHUCK + BLAIR NI :')

So hello ! How's everyone doiiiiiing ? Unless you're a fifth former, then you're probably confined at home studying for SPM, 2 more months, people ! And you're done with high school ! I can't say I'm envious cause I'm not but the fact that you don't have to wake up at 6 in the morning anymore is killing me ! Zomg best gila tak terkata. But I love school despite the tiny fact that I take the opportunity to play truant every chance I get hahahaha. 

Ok, today I start fasting again after a week long hiatus. Oh my, malas la pulak. :/ 
  • OMGWTH DAH SEPTEMBER ?!?!?! 4 months more to being able to drive legally (!). Wth sumpah cepat gila babi.
  • Raya is cominggg and I'll be going back to Penang a week earlier, confirm naik 3 kilo sebab I can't freakin resist Mak Tok's home cooking.
  • Presents to getttttttttttt : DINA (mintak maaf banyak banyak tahu lambat gila), Suraya, Najihah, Yusrina, Aimi. Ni je la yang macam wajib bagi. HAHA. 
  • According to Lish, Cotton On dah bukak kat Pavilion, uuuuuuu. Siapa first serbu, cakap. It's not long til someone in a 1 meter radius wears the same thing. Haih. Kena ada banyak lagi kedai la kat Malaysia ni, asyik Topshop je. H&M tak teringin nak datang ke ? :/
  • Mygod, internet tak boleh lagi bitchy ke ? @#**&*(&@!)
  • Myspace dah ________. Everyone's migrated to Facebook. 
  • Rasa nak potong rambut but I'm trying to grow out my hair ! Fringe je la. It's like I'm talking to myself -______-
  • If you think about it, finals are not that far away :( SO! I shall study. Hari tu pergi library, belajar bio tapi HAMPEH gila ! Belajar sikit gila babi sebab library bodoh nak pergi tutup awal gila apa masalah ntah. Haih. Pukul 450 dah tutup ! Why so early, ha mak cik guard ? 
  • I must say, my raya shopping left me wanting more. I have bought clothes over the year that I still haven't worn yet so maybe that can just be my baju raya. I feel more like buying a bag. The second my parents announce we're going for a holiday by the end of the year, I drop every ounce of my spending power (on every degree, I'm not kidding) because I'm that desperate to get out of Malaysia (apa ni ? baru cakap sayang Malaysia). Forget baju raya, bring me the winter experience ! Ntah ntah pergi Singapore je kan hahahah
  • It dawned on me on how much driving would be so much easier for everyone especially my mum who has played the role of chauffeur (she calls herself that) basically forever. Kan ? Kaaaan.
  • C'mon now people, download Skype ! Jimat cost phone call :D
  • Prom shopping commences after Raya (y) BTW Papa proposed an idea of his and told us our duit raya will be based on our overall performance during Ramadhan. By 'skipping' my physics tuition, he said, "MINUS 3 marks !" -___- Sungguh ntahpape
  • Reading comments on Facebook is freakin amusing. Makes me laugh all the time :') 
Ok I'm staying up for Sahur and I'm going to proceed watching Skins on youtube.

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