Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hey Hello Hi Bonjour Ciao

OK, my bed is freakin messy, with headphones and wallet on it for god knows what reason. 
I skipped school today just cause I don't want to skip ANOTHER Wednesday. Poor Suhana, she must miss me in Bio class :') It's a stupid reason actually, I usually attend on Tuesdays and then skip on Wednesdays but I've skipped a whole lot of Wednesdays (we have Bio on weds) that I forgot the last time I was in Biology class. 

.. Moving on !

We, the family, went out on Monday night to KLCC just cause Iman craved pizza and sure yeah, we could get pizza hut take outs but why argue with California Pizza Kitchen ? Mm, barbeque chicken pizza and shrimp spaghetti, FTW ! 
Went into the usual stores, Topshop being the first one. Banyak pulak yang macam lawa ? Hmm. Then went into Zara, and omgomgomg ada this jacket ala Ralph Lauren !! MYR499 la tapi. :'( Quite sad but it was in this beautiful dark blue and had the huge badge and everything. Lawa sangat :') Oh, there was this dress in Topshop (apa la cerita kelam kabut, masuk topshop pastu cerita Zara pastu ingat baju kat Topshop?)that resembled a bit of what Anna Paquin and Megan Fox wore, a mesh cocktail dress, courtesy of ultra favourite, Herve L. Yeah but not black, it was red and black stripes. Lawa bangat. Haih, I hate heavy price tags and empty wallets, ruins your day. But oh wells, got a top that I liked. Was contemplating on either that or a blue cheetah print cardigan which is similar, if not identical, to the black one I have at home. Went to Kinokuniya later and browsed for some time. I've been wanting a laptop bag so that I can bring mine out, instead of it slowly rotting at home. AGAIN, was short on cash and Mama was all the way in Isetan and was too lazy to come to Kino. Went home short after.

My initial plan for today was to study some Biology but of course, after Sahur, I continued watching Skins on youtube (THANK YOU TINNYANDODD) and slept a little before 9 am. And no surprise here, I woke up at 2.40pm which pretty much cancelled my plans to go to the library. Lazed around til berbuka, such a couch potato I am. 

For Skin fans : Oh my god, Tony ngan Effy sweet gila sial, ada satu part tu 
Pandora : Your brother's nice.
Effy : He's not nice. He's amazing.

:') baik gila sial, nak ah abang macam Tony. I want a bestfriend like Maxxie and Chris and Anwar and SID ! Best la ada a group of friends yang macam tu. Tapi kesian sangat dorang split up in the end, time to make way for Effy's generation. Rindu 1st Generation. Rindu gila.

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