Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid Mubarak Day I

WOOH for the millionth time, Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Eid Mubarak ! 
Hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

So ok, let's start. 

Pak Tok woke us up at 730, memang takkan nak bangun la kan setakat tidur at 1. So I was the latest to get up which was around 815, I think. So got ready but there was no hurry seeing the men went for Raya prayers and the girls stayed in. My top was still tengah jemur so had to wait for a bit, and then baru hari ni la kan nak iron kain semua tu -____- The boys came back and we were all dressed up, which is always a nice sight. Then makan a whole lot, basically rendangs and ketupats and lemangs and there was kuah kacang but I'm no fan so I stuck to my usual lemang and rendang. Sedap gila k. My kebaya top is literally 50an punya (It belongs to my grandmother who was so freakin tiny, I wore it pun ketat gila k! But it was pretty so what the heck) so with the 50 year period, along came a tear right behind so my mum had to stitch it up before I ate more and lagi gemuk and lagi ketat and lagi besar koyak dia. Haha k whatever moving on. Then it was the duit raya and photo sessions. This year, both Papa and Along (my uncle) got themselves new cameras, Nikon and Canon respectively dengan tripod semua la kan, lawak gila, everyone so jakun got nice pictures for once ! Zidan was Team Canon and Zaim was Team Nikon, so I think there were million and one pictures. (Y) Tapi macam bila tengok balik tak cukup langsung. Duit raya was fun, the usual salam and occasional mutter of 'Maaf zahir dan batin' sebab FIRST AND FOREMOST, sumpah so weird all of us cakap melayu since we converse to each other in English so to say 'Maaf Zahir Batin' was awkward-ish weird. Hahahaha. We salam-ed Pak Tok and Mak Tok the last, as in, they came out the last, semua orang dah salam each other, tinggal dorang. And everyone was waiting sebab duit raya paling banyak from grandparents la kan hahaha. When they (grandparents) got out of their room, Myra was sitting at the chair they (grandparents) usually occupy when giving out duit raya and she hurried out of the chair and betulkan cushion, 'Eh eh ! Mak tok pak tok coming out !'. HAHAHAHA lawak gila k, macam VVVVVVIP, memang VVVVVVVIP pun tapi nampak jugak ah nak duit raya kan. Ambik gambar punya banyak, best tau, when it was on the tripod, our camera had a remote so tak yah susah nak timer -.- tekan je control, and click! Though we were very jakun, twas hell fun. Then the people started to come and basically conquered the dining table before we got the chance to get our hands on lunch, so we had to sit our sorry asses at the kitchen but takpe, lagi dekat ngan the food haha wtf ok bye. 
Then watched a bit of VMA's before heading off to Taiping, this time Zidan and Naim tagged along. Zidan paling semangat nak pergi hahaha. Reached there an hour later and seeing how unfortunately I'm not close to any of my cousins, I just bummed around. There was this bird (!) that could say 'Nadia' ! Sumpah best :') Hahaha, it's not a parrot though, it's a black one with some yellow bits around its neck. Tak faham ? Takpela. Haha. Left at about 720 and was a fun trip home because Zidan and Naim learned the 'Balik Kampung' song and part 'OH OH OHHH BALIK KAM (short pause) PUUUUUNG'. Hahahahhahaha hilarious shit, everyone burst out laughing and couldn't stop for a whole good 10 minutes. Zidan's 'kampung' isn't 'kamPONG', dia baku to the max, 'kamPUUNG'. My mum laughed so hard, was worried for a bit since she was the one driving the car, hahahaha. 
Stopped at McDonalds to get some food and before we knew it, we were back in Penang. As soon as we reached, we went to Tok Mama's house for her open house and I went just cause I wanted to see Raha and Hannan ! :') We walked because their house is like one row away je. The mee goreng sedap ! (Y) Ate like 2 plates, tahu ah gross tapi macam sedap kut ! Besides, raya kan, once a year je ni ! Hahahehehoho. Salam salam and more duit raya. I used to count them as soon as I got it but now, tak dah ! :o This morning punya pun tak bukak lagi. Got back, and rested. Penatttttttttt, but had fun. Raya this year extra best, I have no idea why. :')

The day before raya, everyone came and it was full house here in Penang. Best tau tak main Tag and Ice&Fire with the little kids out in the garden. Lama gila ah tak main/sweat/lari/have fun. :') Tapi gambar sumpah buruk gila babi so no pictures for that. Haha.

Ok everyone's fast asleep and I'm still up because Facebook macam lemmmmmmbab gila when it comes to picture uploading. And my synus is hitting up again, sumpah annoying gila ah hidung ni. Spoiler (!)

Night ! 

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