Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Ok If I Get Whatever I Want

I hate it bila nak ikat rambut, masa tu la ikat rambut hilang mana -.- 
School started today after a week long feasting and beraya. Has always been my favourite holiday of the year. I didn't get to enjoy it much last year because I had the PMR jitters. I actually enjoyed my raya, so yeah, I'm already missing Penang and how I practically abandon all day light activities. Man, all I did there was wake up at noon and stay in bed and watch TV. And the tv was in my room, facing the bed, so LITERALLY, I would just wake up and switch the tv on. I don't mind going there again at the end of the year. I was quite a gross sight, but oh wells, everyone deserves a being indolent. I just so happen to take it in as a hobby HAHA kidding, I can be quite productive when I want to. I still am looking forward to Raya open houses because it's one thing to see your relatives far and near, it's another to see your friends all dressed up. Comel sial tengok laki pakai baju melayu hahahah I still am not over it, people ! And I don't get tired of lemang and ketupat, it's not like you get them year long kan. Sedap kut ! 
I slept in class today, the weather was a freakin plus k, everybody wished they were at home on their bed sleeping the day away. Felt bad for not understanding Chemistry so I studied a bit at home, planning on hitting the library to do some studying for the finals. 

I've been watching Project Runway season 6 i think ? The latest one, I mean. BEST. Ada this girl lupa nama, she did this trench coat out of newspapers, sumpah cam YSL sial. Lawa gila, I would wear it if it wasn't for the material. Haha trench happening gila nak pergi mana ? -___-

Amanda told me some funny Blonde jokes during assembly and now here I am, 15 minutes to 2, reading blonde jokes. FUNNY SHIZNIT

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