Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blame The Weather

School was fun in spite of not studying one darn thing which is a bittersweet thing for us sebab kalau cikgu ajar pun, malas nak belajar, tapi kalau cikgu tak belajar, complain ? Hm. 

SO! We ended up talking a whole lot. We got out marks and macam ... hahahah Physics. I TOLD YOU it'll be one of my many manifest failings in this August test. I can already see Chemistry being in the dumpster.
We talked about height and compared our heights with the celebrities ; Izzati = Megan Fox , Brenda & Belinda = Mary-Kate and Ashley (I know right ?! What are the odds!) , Farisha = Fergie eh ? Lupa o.o So I did my own research (ahem celebheights.com) and I'm 5 feet 1" (main hentam je.. dina tolong approx kan k thnks bye) so I have the same vertical measurement with a) Hilary Duff b) Ashley Olsen (??! I thought dia pendek lagi ?) c) Nicole Richie d) Julia Roberts (!) e) Lady Gaga.

Hahahahahahahaha okay I'm so freaking bored, can't you tell ? 
So if you're bored too and in need to elevate your self esteem simply cause you can have the knowledge that you share the same height with Hollywood's best, clickityclick. AND for the sake of my curiosity, do tell me ! K MOVING ON
Oh and Li May joined Dina, Izzati and I as we talked about our future. In detail. So we basically covered our wedding plans from invitation (hard cover) to the honeymoon (Tahiti, Monaco, France etc.). 

Before we know it, school's out. The weather was good today despite that Ila and I were freakin' cold. We switched the fan off and I honestly didn't notice it because the weather was cold enough to keep up cool. However, I hope this won't persist because i) I got a cold after that and was sniffling throughout ii) Encourages sleeping in class which can be very inviting given the weather conditions.

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