Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Britain

I am in love with the Brits. Come to think of it, basically I'm in love with Great Britain. Dari duluuuuu lagi, you should ask anyone I know (my mum is a number one victim when it comes to me pleading her to go). I mean, stereotype me if you must, I'm not just all about H&M and Topshop okay, I'm in love with the people, accent, parks, landmarks, HISTORY, culture, everything. :') I doubt my family is up for any trips this year (BOO), but next year, my post spm plans include London. Let it be with family or friends, I'm going. My friends used to (and still do) mistake my love for London as being a bit of a traitor to my homeland, please la k, there's a difference. I love Malaysia and no doubt, I'll spend my life here, but cam London kira kalau banyak duit, second home la. HAHAHA. I want to travel and if there's a job that requires traveling, SIGN ME UP ! But lama lama tu, balik jugak la Malaysia, I can't live long without my dose of sambal belacan and fish curry and nasi (you should know for a fact, when I went to London lightyears back, my mother actually packed sambal belacan okay for me), but London sumpah first pick for choice destination. My grandmother has countlessly told me how London has lost it's winning charm now that it's taken over by 'Pak Arab', but UGH. Nak sangat sangat pergi, tak kisah pak arab ke tak. I want to go Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street and to Madame Tussauds and TO EVERYWHERE. Everytime I hear someone will be going, rasa jealous tak terkata. HAHA. So dramatic, but true. Jan and Juju, you should know I'm envious gila babi k. Dahla korang pergi lebih kurang sama time ! 
Ila, it's okay, John, good things come to people who wait, so we wait sampai kitorang dapat pergi alright John ? Alriiiight.
The number of talents I love are so many, from Kate Winslet and James McAvoy to Stella McCartney and Christopher Bailey.

For the time being, I'll just sit here in humid Malaysia and dream. It's what I do best, anyway.

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  1. London is (y). The park is so serene and calm. And and and the ice-creams :9 Hehehe.