Wednesday, September 9, 2009


School was freakin torture. MENGANTUK GILA BABI. We had Mod Maths and that went okay. We learned 2d and 3d. Yawn. 
Then it was History. Ee I hate history and I'm not in particular favor as to how my teacher teaches. I liked Zarizi, he was .. 'effective'. Heh, he helped a lot during PMR's last minute prep. Then it was Physics. Faham tu faham but I was so goddamned sleepy, I didn't bother with the exercises. I hate Physics anyway. It was +maths after recess and the calculation was so freakin long, rasa malas pulak nak faham. And we witnessed a fight parallel to our class. It was in 3 Hazen and we took notice when we heard the window panels break (for the trillionth time). It was between a Malay and an Indian and we still don't know who initiated the fight. Bodoh sial nak gaduh gaduh, berdarah pulak tu, ni langsung tak ingat PMR sebab tahu fail berderet. -_- 

ANYHOO, then it was time for Biology. My god, mengantuk gila. And to think that I had tuition at 3 was such a bummer. Dina, Izzati, Farisha and (partially) I talked about the future, this is such a repeated topic but I never get tired of it. Best tau tanya Nak Jadi Apa Bila Dah Besar ? Nak Fly Study Kat Mana ? Siap estimate lagi age and time bila nak cari boyfriend, bila nak kahwin and stuff. Best tauuuuuuu. Dina and I want to study in London tapi wajib scholarship, tak kisah la kalau kena belajar sini first. I don't mind, as long as UK is in the big picture. Before that, we talked about taking our license and I get this vibe that my parents prefers I take my license after SPM which is a downer seeing how my birthday is so early in the year. Freakin January k. Haih, quite sad. Bosan la tak boleh drive. But maybe it's for the best HAHA sebab knowing me, I'd go places if I could drive, not often at home and well, not studying. But if I could drive, then it won't be such a hassle for my mum kan ? -_- Kena fikir begitu, deh. 

I'm going to Penang next week which means I'm skipping a whole week of school :( Nak kena hantar raya cards ! :') Oh wow wee, Raya's around the corner, baru je rasa semalam kat hall and we had to wait to be categorized into different classes hahaha the 6 of us, sat in a line and semua orang nervous padahal tukar class je, bukan sekolah ke apa -_____- tapi comel :( HAHA 
Friday ada dinner, and P&G is throughout the weekend, but I want to go Pavi to get some last minute raya shopping before balik kampung *winkwinkIlaJohn and Sunday ada movie (?). Making use of Kuala Lumpur before going to Penang with no access to Internet but Mak Tok makes up for it with her cooking. 


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