Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Two

Woke up at a reasonably late hour which was 10 because throughout the night, my nose acted such a bitch and was so stuffy making it hard for me to doze off. ANYWAY, the photographer came at 1130 so everyone had to dress up. Today, my kebaya was red, real pretty thing, again it was a possession of my grandmothers. Skipped breakfast because I was already late and continued with picture taking. Rasa macam tak banyak sangat gambar but oh wells. I slept in the afternoon, mid way during Live From The Red Carpet : Emmy Awards. Suka gila baju Heidi Klum. Banyak orang pakai black, tak panas ke ? If any of you know when the award show will be on tv, please tell, I want to watch it but I have no idea when and where to watch. 
Later, at night, there was steamboat. I expected a whole lot more to come, tapi tak la banyak macam dorang cakap ? I had a small portion because I became body conscious all of a sudden -.- It's Aunty Win's birthday today so we had the whole cake blowing thing. And Mia's too, she was all dolled up in a Cinderella costume (tiara and wand included) and blew her birthday cake in a shape of a 3D Barbie. 

That's pretty much it. We booked a place at Hard Rock hotel for lunch on Wednesday. It's a new hotel so I have my doubts but should be interesting because they said it's a themed hotel. 


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