Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok, so basically, I can't have any sudden head movements because then I'd have to shut my eyes to prevent the dizziness. This sucks. 
Had to skip my mod maths exam (not on purpose for those who thought I wanted to dodge the bullet intentionally because I stayed up the night finishing Mod Maths) because the morning of, I wasn't feeling so good. And you know you're sick when you get sweaty so often and cold so fast. It happened all after my dentist appointment. I have to have those damn elastics on but I'm going to go ahead and disobey the dentist because first and foremost, he tightened my braces so my molar teeth are so sensitive to pressure which makes eating anything next to impossible. My diet these few days consist of porridge and .. yeah that's it. I can't even freaking eat the small bits of Oreo's in the McFlurry. I've experienced this when I first had my braces on so it's back to square one, almost. And my lips are so dry, I've slapped on Vaseline more than I should and it's still peeling. Gah.

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