Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heels Over Heads

I feel bad for not updating as much as I do tumblr. But then again, that's not much blogging, is it. Tekan Reblog je -.- 

So we're done with 
  • Add Maths, 
  • Bio III
  • BM I and II
  • English I and II
  • Mod Maths (which I skipped out on)
  • Chem I and II. 
  • Agama I and II
We still have
  • Bio I and II
  • Physics I, II, III
  • History I and II
  • Civics
  • Phys Ed
I still have
  • Tasawwur with Sarah next week. 
With the exception of History I (eh ke II ?) and Civic, we'll be technically done by next Thursday. History I postponed til the 18th so nanti kita sama sama dengan budak form 5 duduk SPM. Environment's going to be intense !

Short break after, holidays here and there and then back to being on the studying wagon. Next year's going to be rough. I've never stayed true to my New Year's Resolution so mine this year for '10 is to study well and I HOPE I don't break the resolution, malas nak gelabah lagi ah 'Eh wei tak belajar lagi! Mati la, can diee!' I've been doing that since sekolah rendah.
Boleh tak first time cakap 'Bring it on!' ? Hahahahahaha bolehnya.

When I think of a material worth while, I'll blog soonest. I miss reading people's blog. Rachael, what happened to yours ?!!?!

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