Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Les Femmes

Last night, I was occupied with this site and laughed a couple of times. Then, my internet acted like a total arse so I decided to refresh my (very little) Biology knowledge and said attempt lasted for a page and a half. My attention span is worryingly small. I'm also starting to eat a lot. I don't mind tapi takut over over nanti jadi contestant Biggest Loser Asia. Besides, ok apa kalau ada isi sikit, baru la bootylicious kahkah (Y)

I've seem to misplace my Time Travelers Wife book. I'm bored so let's make a list.

List Of Things To Do 
  • Swim but the thought of bursting out of my shrinking swimming suit (It's either that or I'm getting big) is not so flaterring. Ala tapi underwater kan ? Hahahaha.
  • Get some revision up and going. Unlike most of y'all, I'm convinced I pretty much failed every subject and SPM is next year so, hello square one, good to see you again. :(
  • Get my hair trimmed, for Gods sake. Should I go for Don or a new guy ? Rasa guilty kat Don tapi asyik benda sama je.
  • Get some pretty clothes. Preferably with colour and prints. 
  • Before that, my wardrobe needs a medical check up -.- Banyak sangat benda yang takkan pakai dalam seribu tahun. 
  • My study table looks very SPM-ish *bangga jap. I have like so many books on it, I can't seem to see my table top anymore (ok exaggerating). I've given up studying on my 'study' table.
  • Print out Periodic Table and electrochemical series and paste it on my table so that every day, kena painfully hafal. (Y) It might just work *strokes chin.
  • Meet up with my budak asrama friends.
  • Seriously, I should snap out of it and buy presents. I owe a lot of people and I feel bad. 
  • Buy a skipping rope and make it a habit to skip a lot. Camne nak fit kalau effort takde, John ?
  • Make flash cards, they're fun to do and hopefully effective.
I can't wait for Christmas and the sales that come along with. 

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