Sunday, November 15, 2009

Knocks You Down

I'm beating myself up because I didn't study History yet. And my exam is on Wednesday. Dahlah yang ni semua keluar, damn. 

Anyway. Woke up at 8.. and then 9.. and then 12. Heh. Woke up to everyone still in bed.. more or less. The norm on a Sunday.. with the exception of my mum who probably inherited my grandfather's habit of waking up way too early on a weekend. Went to Bangsar for lunch, NASI DAUN PISANG FTW. My favourite. It's like, I plan to wear baggy tops so that bila perut kembang tak lah obvious mana ? Haha. 
Papa, a huge fan of Bang & Olufsen since his London days saw that there was a new branch at BVII so we went in for the sake of checking the store out and I went in to Warehouse. Tried on a couple and bought one top. Suka pulak eh Warehouse. Went to Zara and started kicking myself for buying something earlier because at Zara, ada this long sleeved V neck in black with elaborated sequin work on the much padded shoulders. So pretty can dieeeeeeeee. At retail price of 200, it was tempting to ask my mum but I could already predict the outcome; '200 FOR THIS KAIN?' and it goes on and on, so I think to myself 'I shall save the trouble and put this away to the stuck up sale assistant who's probably all bitchy and not smiling because she'd rather be somewhere else then taking clothes of the hangers and taking those number labels and giving it to customers with poor chances of them actually buying it'. Don't frown, lady, cepat tua!

But hey, you win some, you lose some. Went to Haagen Dasz and enjoyed myself some strawberry ice cream with wafer (also known as heaven on earth in my books) and went to a couple of shops later. Saw this rather stellar piece of art in the furniture store downstairs ; it was an arrangement of butterflies in a frame, background being in a shade of beige. PYT like them flutters to my heart (no pun intended)(that was a lame pun anyway).

Came home, and read a bit of Time Travelers Wife which I'm beginning to fall in love. I MISS READING BOOKS. 

After this Wednesday, we're done with school session of '09 and Senior Year awaits. This will be interesting.


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