Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet Your Match

Ok, this post, main bantai la k. 

Set my alarm for 6 but woke up 630 instead and cursed because I still had to find all my text books (sebab malam tu tak nak pulak kan buat bila ada all the time in the world ? Genius). Managed to find everything except for my literature. Heh, lantak lah. Haha. Should have bought my form 4 books and borrow form 5, like how Amanda does. It makes sense.

Assembly was cut short so only Negaraku. Is it me or I haven't heard lagu Bestari in a seriously long time ? Dahla I love that song ! Hahaha. Bangang ke bangang ? Anyway. Ruiz made a speech as Head Prefect and then the Majlis Restu started. With Pascal being first, habis ahhhhh. Dahlah tak kenal langsung budak Pascal, apahal menangis kan ? Hahahahaha. SEDIH kut tengok the boys crying lagi teruk from the girls. We're talking about these boys yang besar gedabak gangster tu. Ada yang salam cikgu lama gila. I saw Puan Azah pun cukup ah, she was crying gila babs, dengan peluk lagi. Ala, sedih sangat. My mum cried because she loves this batch, she's been teaching them since Form 2 lagi; Class teacher of 2 Einstein, English for 3 Einstein, Edison and 4 Alpha, Beta and 5 beta. Throughout ! She likens this years batch to this other batch who will always always always be her favourite, she calls them Gavin's batch which is I think Kevin and Melvin's brother ? Kan? Yeah betul lah. Sebab dah ajar lama gila kan. :")

Back to where I was, ha, menangis wei, betul ! Ni baru tengok orang salam, I'll be a wreck next year ! 

This week's going to be goooooood. Ada birthday dinners and planning to watch a movie with Sarah hehe. 

p/s : Serious tengah hafal lagu Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas. o.o 

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