Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Almost There

School was monotonous. Like it has always been. Mod maths teacher so PMS today -.- History was a yawn, just read through without understanding which is pointless anyway. Then, we had Physics. Damn, I hate physics to the core, I kid you not. Such a drag and a dry subject. Finals are horrendous, and we're not even sitting for it yet. A 3 week stretch. I'm just thankful that it's not EVERY day. Can die k kalau macam tu -.-
A part of me refuses to take finals seriously. But then the better part of me tells me to just study as much as you can. How lah SPM next year ? Ok jap nak review every subject : 
BM - Am I the only one always in a rush during BM ? Tak cukup masa lah to write so many things. Translating an English word to a BM word takes me a while k pls.
ENGLISH - (Y) I haven't seen Puan Michelle lama gila ! 
MOD MATHS - As much as people think it's easy, it's not all that. Confusing lah all those graphs. @#$%^
ADD MATHS - Most of my hatred and anger are channeled towards this specific subject.
BIOLOGY - :'( Too many terms. TOO MANY, I tell you. Too much memorizing.
CHEMISTRY - I skipped Chapter 3 after too many attempts. And here I am thinking Chemistry was all about explosions and white lab coats :(
PHYSICS - Please go die, k thnks bye.
HISTORY - Holy shit, tak belajar pun langsung, :'( One lousy chapter can be a pain in the freaking ass. Reading can be a hassle on its own, UNDERSTANDING AND MEMORIZING FACTS is a whole different story, la please.
AGAMA - Ustazah Fadzilah gave birth (HOORAH!) but unfortunately for us, we won't be able to suck up to her and plead for topics. Ustazah Upiq cakap semua keluar, wtffffish.

When I was getting ready for school, my dad said to me "Eh pergi sekolah nampak, ingatkan dah berhenti" in which resulted to me laughing. Puan Sia - "NADIA! Why so long never see your face in school ha?" 
Learned a bit in Bio. And went back. Where has that ice cream guy gone to ? :( I miss after school ice cream. 

Went to Ikano for steamboat and bought myself the Teen Vogue with Chanel and Jourdan on the cover. I especially loved the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress Jourdan wore in one of the photographs. The things I would do to get my hands on the garment :'( Ada Teen Vogue Hand Book, serious nak beli. 

Ok it's 12 and I should just go do some add maths question to get rid of the guilt that has been on my back since God knows when. 

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