Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't Say You're Sorry

Alexander Wang made me fall in love all over again with braids. Suka gila k buat ! Hahahaha. First thing I bought with my duit raya was a black scarf and a grey cardigan from MNG. (Y) They're as basic as basics can go but it's what I like so yeah. Ho hum, as much as I like buying things, I don't. I hate using money, rasa macam guilty. But don't mistake this as me being parsimonious because I'm not, I just hate the sinking feeling when you have to pay for something but you like it but at the same time, you're second guessing yourself on whether you should buy it. Pastu bila tak beli, balik rumah with an unsatisfied self. I'm crap at saving, I can tell you that. HUH WHAT IZ THISSS I'M CRAPPING ABOUT AT 3 IN THE MORNING ?! 

I am determined to get my Tokyo G fix today. ++ I am so hungry as of now, I slept my way through dinner and got so lazy when I woke up to get myself something to eat. Stupid, meet stupider. *points to self.

I should sleep it off now. Ok ? Ok.
p/s : woo hoo off day for us on Monday and Tuesday, nice long weekend. HAH, -.- cuti or no cuti, it's not like I go to school ANYWAY. 

p/p/s : Yo California Pizza Kitchen, I'mma let you finish but Fasta Pasta had the best spaghetti of all time. Of all time !

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