Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today was one of the rare events when I actually woke up before noon. Which is a bloody amazing achievement coming from me. Woke up at 9 and took a bathe because my grandparents were determined to bring us to Chawan in Bangsar for breakfast. Hahahaha tak biasa makan breakfast so macam ok ok je. Next Monday, Mama and I have made plans to go and devour in nasi daun pisang not far from Chawan. My god, favouriteeee sial ! Can't wait haha. Went back and as predicted, I slept. Revised a bit of bio when I woke up but attempt was so short-lived, macam tak belajar pun -.- My attention span in so stunningly short, I should be in the record book. Heh. So then got dressed to go to SSF Furniture just for the sake of it, but there was nothing for us so left short after. Studied Bio again but failed after 15 minutes because Mama told me to get ready for Ayesha's because tonight was also Mak Tok's birthday dinner at Le Meridien (So sad la tak pergi, I love that place, teppanyaki undescribable punya sedap!) and they had to go early because jauh kan so I was there by 7 ? Yeah. ALA so cute la Brenda Belinda pakai baju kurung Natrah. One in light pink, the other in hot pink. :') Comel gila babi. The food was freakin delectable, the lamb so tasty, with the black pepper sauce. I even ate kway teow dengan black pepper sauce k sebab it was THAT good. Took pictures and played foos as well as Wii. I seriously should ask Papa for Wii, best gila k main Tennis though when it comes to boxing, everybody looks so weird punching air. 
Went back at 1130, and I'm so freakin tired now. Tomorrow ada lagi keluar, dah run out of baju raya wtf :( 

K night la, wanted to watch Glee but surfthechannel behaving like a rats ass, so heh. Off to the land of Nod.

p/s : Jessica Szohr's picture on twitter tak boleh lagi PDA ke ? Haha. 

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