Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish I Could Be


  • Sent Tania to Syairah's house at Sierramas. It's a gateless community k ! Best sial, sumpah nak beli rumah kat situ.
  • Went to Asif's after that. Borak borak sembang sembang. There was this one time, Asif's dad, 'Ni semua form 4 ke ?' and we all were like 'Er... yeah' cause Aainaa was there kan hahahaha pastu dia tanya lagi 'Who's not from Form 4 here?' haha everybody laughed sebab Aainaa ada tapi dia cam senyum senyum malu malu. PASTU the dad was like 'Siapa yang bukan Form 4 tu maksudnya dia special la tu' hahahahahahaha ! Comel gila siot. 
  • After one too many brownies, went to the Athinahapan park and I played on the swing, despite I had a kebaya on. Baru la rock. -_______-
  • Went back to Asif's but not after we took pictures. Mosquitoes kat Athinahapan sumpah (@!*_)#(!@)(# i don't know how people can lepak there all day long.
  • OH HA, stopped by at Suraya's and ajak sekali :') Bestnya Taman Tun, semua kawan cam serious, walking distance. -.-
  • Everyone started going back home not long after we came back to Asif's. The boys played Chess and planned about what they were going to do tonight. Tak habis habis ajak pergi Rasta -.- Once one of us know how to drive, datang Sri Damansara k pls thnks bye.
  • Back home, got tired, slept til 930, chances of me sleeping early memang harapannnnn, ish
  • Dah la tak makan dinner lagi ! :'( Very the hungry oneeee.
I don't like the idea of studying on the weekends. Macam tak kena. 

Ok bye.

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