Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paris, Jet'aime.

Next year, next year.
I actually have my BM material to memorize and I'm still not done but I've read it a million time so it's considered done ? I don't know. 
I hate facebook and twitter and tumblr for being so goddamned distracting. We all know claims of 'Ala, 5 minutes je, lepas tu, sumpah belajar!' never works, not matter what you're doing. 5 minutes = 3oo seconds, what the hell can you do in 300 seconds. I sure as hell can't so I've quit that habit of delaying myself 5 minutes. We're barely half way in finals but I'm already thinking of what to do after finals which is in a way, a motivation. Ok, tak la sangat.

Gila in love sial dengan Jamie Foxx, he's more actor first, songbird second. The guy can sing his ass off, for real now. Sedap gila babi lunak macam oh my god. Dahlah sedih k one song tu 'Wish You Were Here' hahahaha, made me cry by the end when he looked as if he, himself, was going to break down. AND ! He sang the Brady Bunch theme song into his own. HAHA sedap sial tak ingat dunia punya sedap. He even sang F*** You tapi sedap gila wth ? Ok fangirl moment up

Currently lusting over anything French. From beret (which my sister got from Pull & Bear) to the Eiffel Tower history. Trip 2010 please ! 

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