Saturday, October 3, 2009

Say People !

Taylor Tomasi be coooooool.
ANYWAY. I need a new room make over and I plan to do it by myself. Craziest thing is I don't mind spending my duit raya on new furniture. I need (!) :
  • Priorities first. NEW BED, enough said. It's safe to say, my bed is like 3/4 of my room. Walking space is so little, downgrading it to a single bed would make my room look bigger. What ever happen to good proportion. 
  • A new study table, I have my eyes on one and determined to get my hands on it. The current one I'm using is bombarded with things associated with anything BUT studies. 
  • A new make up table, like a proper make up table with a mirror right up front. With those round lights macam betul betul make up tu ? HAHA, baru la ada atmosphere
  • I want a long mirror, hung vertical so I won't have to go to Tania's room to look in the mirror. And mine is forever not hung and I don't like it because it's in the corner and blocks out all light so I can hardly see myself anyway. -_____-
  • I want a nice ceiling light, not this fluorescent light that BURRRRNS.
  • A new wall. I wanna paint over this hideously painted pink wall of mine. Maybe a different colour, and fill it up with photos, old and new. 
  • A bed side table with drawers ! 
  • And a lamp. I need a lamp. Like the ones that are screwed on the wall, nice (y)
Ada lagi la banyak tapi malas nak type, tengah tengok Americas Next Top Model ni. Cycle 13 permits only those under 5'7" hahaha, Tyra so baiiiiik onee. Couldn't watch the first episode because it's an hour and 22 minutes long and Surf The Channel web only allows 54 minutes of show which means I can only watch 54 minutes worth. Dahla miss make over and Chanel Iman as a guest judge ! Grr. 


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