Monday, October 12, 2009

Be Gay, Think Straight

FINALS NI KACAU LA, I want to go out without feeling guilty tak belajar. I think after finals pun, we have a span of a couple of weeks before we get right back in the studying momentum for the vital SPM next year. Ho hum, the story of our life. But after SPM (!!!!), I have already made plans k, hahahaha so like berangan angan.

I got a lot of ideas for my room but I'm such a procrastinator so chances that my 'ideas' will come to life are small. Tiny, in fact. 
  • Who watches Glee ? BEST K ! Hahaha it's like HSM but better and tak gedik sangat coughVanessaHudgenscough. Every episode they have this rendition of a song, serious best. New favourite ! :')
  • TRIED to study but failed. Add maths ni kan %^@$!*&@^ Add maths is the first paper and that is NOT a good way to start off your finals :'( Cry cry cry
  • I'm so addicted to Facebook, studying has become next to impossible. This is why I depend on going to the library to study, no freakin distractions !
  • I am a slob. I need something to do, I need a hobby goddamnit -.-
  • I have this need to buy a new bag, leather belt, and tapered trousers.
  • Who knows where to buy these ? Appreciate it ! x
  • I need to go to Don's. My hair has a life on its own and is in dire need of a trim. 
  • I haven't watched Harry Potter 6 and it's killing me softly -.-

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