Wednesday, October 7, 2009


 It's okay to want everything when you've worked hard for it. 

Todaaaaaay ; I skipped school because takde BM pun which I have to present my very very very much delayed pidato so macam no point, I'm going to school tomorrow just cause ada BM. Woke up at 11 plus and was in bed til like late 12. Watched Glee, ok lah, not bad, macam High School Musical but in episodes. Skipped out on breakfast (I hardly eat breakfast anymore -.-) and lunch because I had to be out by 1.20 because Zaim had his agama paper at 2, my mum was already honking outside, padahal lambaaaaaat lagi, haih, baru tengah nak pakai jeans lagi tu. I hate being in a rush, tak suka langsung, rasa macam tak puas. DAHLA rambut tengah basah gila, hohum. Ok, I would have thought, pergi before 2 kira safe lagi la since budak tak balik lagi from school. BULL. Banyak gilaaaaaaaaaaa nya, Ya Allah. I went upstairs but there were no vacant seats at all. Tables were there but chairs have been hogged. -.- I don't understand some people, they make the effort to go to the library, tapi bila kat situ, bising gila. Ni bukan nak tanya soalan ke apa, ni gelak lagi. Please la, you're there to study and I don't know if you're THAT thick, but in case you didn't get informed, library is known for its quiet environment in where people actually do some reading, not trying to judge, but there ARE people trying to study, you can do all your catching up and laughing outside of the library, it's not that far to walk k. Had to resort to the Kids area and was lucky enough to sit at the back where the table was identical to the one upstairs. Did only 2 chapters of Chemistry because I was in a bit of a time crunch because my mum picked me up at 4, the time when Zaim would be done with his Agama paper. Haih, usually I'd be done by 6 plus. Esok je la. I like the library sebab other than your phone, takde sangat distractions. If you fly solo, I mean. Kalau pergi dengan kawan, unless you and your friend(s) are really disciplined and determined to study, you're most likely chattering about the cute guy and his cute friends at the table beside you (hahahahah macam tahu je?). I'm going there again tomorrow, I hope, tapi macam I want to go at 9 but at the same time I have to go to school because I got that darn pidato to do, regret sial tak buat awal awal. Ish. 
This weekend I'm determined to go out, it has been too long ! 

Post Finals Plans (lambaaat lagi) 
  1. Go out to KL with my girls, gila noob nak pergi OU je. Hahahahaha
  2. Make the effort to go study. Finals are pishposh, yang kira SPM. Besides after reading what Uzma wrote on Twitter, rasa macam ha ah eh - Finals punya results sampai next year pun, so macam kalau fail, I'm sure they would probably forget all about it. Kan ? 
  3. Have a room makeover.
So, how was your day ?

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