Monday, October 19, 2009

Rumah Terbuka '09 x

  • Woke up at 10 when Mama called me saying she's leaving in half an hour and I am supposed to tag along to run some errands.
  • Forced myself out of bed because c'mon, we all know '5 minutes lagiiii, jap!' never works. Especially on me.
  • Went to the florist in DU that Mama frequents but unfortunately it was closed so had to go to Taman Tun market. It has been so long since I went there ! :') Got the usual soya bean and waited for the flower arrangements. Met Hakim Shah Redza, he was there helping his mum out, sweet sangat. Haha. Apparently, my mum knows his mum and that his dad is my aunty punya husband punya cousin. :O So terkezuts oneeee.
  • Headed to Party@World to get some balloons (for god knows what reason) in pastel and then went home. Phew.
  • Helped with everything. I hate this part. Very the penats okay, belum lagi layan orang :o
  • Jan and Harith came and I was not in my baju raya yet. Nice.
  • Aidit, Hisham and Shahrain came together and Pak Tok sat with them and talked. LAWAK GL. 
  • The boys (Jo Marc Hafiz R. Asif Darren) came and they were scared to salam my dad sebab tak habis habis cakap in pictures, he looked strict. Hahahahaha. So cute.
  • Sarah Ila Dina Farishah Yahi Aimi cameeeeeeeeee, :)) Dorang ni macam permanent fixture in open houses, confirm ada punya :') Thanks ladiessssssssssszz.
  • A lot of people came sampaikan we had to move numerous times. Last last ada jugak pergi taman. That was fun. There's this slide yang made out of rolling cylinders so macam as you go down the slide, you'll vibrate (?) and that was funny hahaha the girls cakap macam Tesco punya cashier. 
  • Came back home and chilled. The boys went back first before the girls. I'M TIRED ! x
  • There were still people (READ: Aunts and uncles, friends of my parents la basically) that I had to salam and say Hi and make tiny conversation with. Lama sial tak nampak some of them. Had the usual comments "Dah anak dara dah diaaaaaa" "My my, what a young lady you have become!" (<- Ni serious betul, bukan poyo guna language cam tu, my grandmothers friends la k haha). Asyraf, a friend of my brothers played the role of entertainer today and played the piano all day long. That kid's a freakin music prodigy. 
  • Tak makan pun lamb, wei ! Damn. Ate rojak though. Tu je la. And roti jala. Sad case. I've been eating sikit ah lately. :/
  • Bla bla bla bla bla penattttttttttttttttt
  • Happy though ehehehehehhee
  • Ok bye.
Terima kasih kepada mereka yang hadiri, no offence to those who weren't invited, I had a limit :/ Believe me, kalau takde limit, semua orang k ! Raya dah nak habis ! :'( Til next year yeah, selamat hari raya aidilfitri x

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