Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dream I'm Dreaming

Today, we started our finals. And we kick started it with additional maths. To say it's my least favourite subject is an understatement. I despise it because I keep doing (and I hate myself for this) the topical questions and skip the SPM orientated ones. Which is a mistake because I mean, the day Kaveetha turns Chinese (got that from Amanda) is the day when add maths questions during exams turns easy for me. HAIH. FOR PETE'S SAKE, I got stuck at the first question and I wished Puan Ooi wasn't around that time because macam pressure ah when she makes rounds. Hafiz said the first question which is based on Chapter One ntah macam mana pusing terbalik jadi quadratic equation hahahahahaha. Sarah lagi best cakap 'Asal semua orang guna calculator, aku takde pape pun nak guna calculator!' hahahahahahahaha I thought I was the only one! Lawak sial Sarah. Haih, takpe ah wei, we'll start improving next year :') Tomorrow's tasawwur and I lost my freakin' folio so heh, I don't know. What if it's an easy A ? Macam rugi je kan kalau drop. But chances are I'll be taking up Literature so yeah, I'm still in midst of deciding. 

So tell me, Beyonce ni cancelled ke tak ha ?! Sorry la k, but I'm a true fan so macam I'm so freakin disappointed. I was already freakin looking forward for the concert. Babi. Annoys me to no end because of this never ending protest. Attack against the culture ? Biarlah dia pakai apa dia nak, it's her concert, it's her show. And the fans here in Malaysia are freakin PAYING to see her perform, her fans obviously tak kisah dia pakai baju apa. Yang tak habis habis protest tu, senang cerita, don't go lah to her freakin show ? Solution senang pun tak boleh fikir. Bangang gila, man. Freakin' annoying. Tengah benci Beyonce la jugak kan, I want to know what her reason. I'm giving her a month to announce a new date and I hope and wish she does. A later date is better than no date at all. K next, this is bringing me down. HAHA gila emo.

  • WHAT THE HELL DAH 1030 ?!?!?! Damn son, should get started on my Bio.
  • Ah shit, tak buat lagi dentist appointment. Dorang yang call tapi takde pape pun ? -.-
  • Oh yes, my watch is ready, finally. Another reason to go OU this weekend :') Bosan but hell, Tokyo G la john. Oh ha, ada Coach kan nak bukak dah kat situ. Cotton On mana nye ?
  • I'm stoked for post finals. HAHA, so gelabah lah. SPM pun belum pass. Chilling la k pls. As usual, made plans for Penang, this time for Hard Rock Hotel (Y)(Y) disappointed that so called holiday plans overseas didn't work out but oh wells, what to do.
  • Go ahead, I don't really care about you anymore. 

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