Thursday, March 13, 2008

bbq chicken,

If you want to have like the best barbeque chicken sandwich ever, try +wondermilk .

i ate 2 -_-"
hahaha, that gooood.

so today, Mama, Tania and i went to the dentist who's my mum's cousin's husband'd sister, Aunty Soraya.
So checked and i definitely need braces.
And for 2 years.
And after braces, i still have to wear retainers.

So they cleaned and checked first.
Also, they did molding.
Which they call 'impression'
When the molded the top part of the mouth, that seriously made me gag.
Like i really wanted to muntah my guts out.
And i had to remind myself to breathe through the nose cause it like blocked the air passage in my throat.
So that was why i really wanted to muntah ;o
but when they did the lower part, it was better la.

So after all that, we went to +wondermilk
I lovelovelove them so it was about time for me to try out what they got to offer.
Their barbeque chicken sandwich is heaven.
:D :D :D :D
mama ordered cuppcakes for Iman's party nextweek.
that's about it.
later i'll be going to Bintang Walk/Pavillion.
Yeay Me !


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