Thursday, March 6, 2008

i like,

well, today i DID go to school -_____-"
despite not wanting to yesterday.
i set my alarm for 6 anyway, so i woke up by then and even though, was hesitating.
but i did force myself to wake up and bathe.

went to school, and didn't do much la.
got my agam results back, though.
76 JE.
i'm thankful it's an A but stilllll, pfft.
i want to get a 90.

so, time passed, laugh laugh and laugh.
and and, Najihah introduced this game, 'Silent Killer'
ohmygod, weiiii, damn awesome ok.
hahaha, it's like so awesome, we stayed back til 1.30 to play it.
it's THAT good.

i shall teach youu (:
so stayed back til late 2 cause mum had something on.
waited in the canteen.
Luqman was there so talked to him.
He even taught me a bit on Chapter 4 : Science
according to him, in order to understand, a dirty mind is required.
he even did, er, hand motions.
i was grossed out, weii.
hahaha, he eventually went home and i went back
here i ammm (:

Je vous aime parce que vous me faites le sourire


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