Monday, March 10, 2008


so, ok.
i woke up at 11.59 -_-"
so, rushed to bathe cause was supposed to go to Aina's somewhere by like, er, gee, 12?!
haha, but after all that mandi-ing, turned out Mama wasn't even in.
but she'd usually be back from wherever she is by lunchtime so i just waited.
went to Aina's house by 1.
bought McDonalds for Aina and Shira and myself.
When i got there, Aina had 5 minutes left of tuition so played (ok, mmmaybe not) with her brother.
after tuition was done, went upstairs and ate whilst watching The Joy Luck Club.
it's a Chinese movie on HBO or something.
Thought it'll be crappy cause Aina said it was kind of boring (since she's watched it already) but reckons that was the only decent thing to watch besides a rerun of GodKnowsWho E! True Hollywood Story.
Actuallllllyyyyy, it was kind of good.
hahahahaha, what a laugh.
boleh tahan la, i mean.
then, we went on the internet and hahahaha, went on to my myspace and she 'met' some of the people from my school.
she demanded details on each and everyone she came across so yeah, i was sitting on her (ultracool) chair whilst giving the 411 on everyone.
Some guys too, hahahaha.

anyway, Shira came short after.
By then, we popped in Snow White on the dvd player, and Aina and I were telling which of the 7 dwarfs were we.
So, i told her she was Dopey and I was Sleepy.
hahahaha, everytime they did something stupid, we'd laugh cause that's us.
Ignore if you don't understand.

When Shira came, we were brainstorming (!) on what movie should we next watch.
Shira and I wanted to watch School Of Rock but Aina wanted to watch Scary Movie 4.
So we did.

That movie is the stupidest movie i have ever seen in the history of bad movies.

like, seriously.
the movie was so stupid, it wasn't funny.
like, serious shit.
ugh, don't watch it weiii.
it's crazily stupid, like seriouslyyyyy, bodoh gila nak mati.

then, after watching the most stupidest movie ever made in mankind history, we went in the room and we talked.
caught up with old times.
like, friends and schools, since we're all in different schools now.
so we compared things.
like friends.
and teachers.
and homework.
and PMR.

usual stuffs.
laughed at alooooooooot of things.
best gila nak mmps.
like, i lovelovelovelovelovelovelove them so much, it's ridiculous.
then, Shira had to go back and bladida.
mama fetched me and we went to school to fetch Zaim from kawad.
went to send something at the tailors, and went to eat at Muhibbah.
went to fetch Tania and Iman from Myra's.
came home, onlined, watched Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader.
that's pretty much it.
tomorrow i'm out with Kyrina <3


p/s: 3 Edisoners, please say you haven't started on Cikgu YU's homework cause i know i haven't. Only sikit je -.-' unlike Kai Wen, the loser who went to Japan. hahahaha.

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