Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ohmygod, human, you are so pathetic, it's stupid dah.
And you're rude.
I wasn't the one looking for trouble wei.
Stop making up stories and stop telling people the wrong story.
It's a loseristic move.
I am right, you're the one in the wrong so stop it la kan.
It's ridiculous.

You're not that rich la kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, asshole.
Just because you've been to London, doesn't mean you have it all.
Bodoh gila, loser.
Setakat nak perasan banyak duit, and you don't even know them designers, takyah ah.

And i didn't expect you to be rude.
Did you know (ofcourse you don't cause you're too dumb to function) that I was stressing out the night before just thinking about how'd you react ?
Did you know that we made an effort to atleast THINK about you ?
Did you know that instead, of saying bad things, we thought how'd you react and thought of ways on how to talk to you CALMLY and before we know it, you've been going around saying things that are anything BUT the truth.
Face the fact, you have no friends.
You just depend on ONE.
Which is so pathetic beyond words.

You want war, we'll give you one.


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