Friday, March 28, 2008


School was alright.
First up was BM, ofcourse the usual laughs.
agama was next, went down to photocopy the hand outs but we had to wait cause the bookshop wasn't open yet.
So we just waited.
and it seems, after the 15th copy which is only a quarter of what we had to photocopy, the ink went nada.
and the lady said we had to wait til afternoon nnt.


Then, KH, i only sempat to potong like for 10 seconds than Puan Nik changed her mind and we went in the first bengkel to sort our files.
Which remind me , i have to go to my old school for the umpteenth time to get it.
We were supposed to go to a KH lawatan yesterday, right ?
Well, we met Puan Nik and was like complaining cause we couldn't go.
It seems that a bunch of Form One's showed up and took the remaining available seats.
But, Puan Nik was so nice saying the next trip to some factory, the ones who couldn't go to this lawatan, was a priority.
Which incase you can't put two and two together, means US !
After KH, was seni.
but tak masuk class pun cause Najihah and I had to run some errands.
Photocopy MORE agama handouts and we had run some more errands.
Go to Form 2 la, ni la, tu la.
Like Nikki said, she saw me sweating and reckons it was the first time ever -_-"
then, we talked cause it was only 15 minutes til class so might as well skip kan.
so we just chatted and laughed and shared secret.
we* means Najihah and I.
looks like we have a LOT in common.
Some shan't be stated here.
then, we had to go find some random teachers cause Natrah wanted our help and we were happy to do it, cause that just burns time.


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