Monday, April 7, 2008

we freakin',



So ok, we were told by Puan Hanizah to reach school, latest by 6.55.
So i woke up at 6.18 (yes, i remember) and rushed gila gila.
Mama and Zaim were late so i had a crappy morning.
But decided to throw all that away when i saw my friends cause no point in being angry, right.
The prefects had to wear the plain uniform and they looked uber cute, hahaha, so cute, ok.
Especially Karen and Jei See :D
Then, by 7.10, the bus still wasn't there and we had to be there (RMC which stands for Royal Military College) by 7.30.
Come any later than that, and we were going to be disqualified :O

The bus came at like 7.30 -_-" or something like that la.
The journey there was quite far.
We practiced a couple of times in the bus but i was too nervous to feel my guts cause i always forget the gestures -_-"

We reached by 8, i think.
The RMC was really cool.
HUGE and clean.
And super awesome.
I didn't expect that for a GUY's school, kan.

Went in and saw our competition.
They looked real good.
Before it all began, we went outside to practice.

Went in after 2 practices.
Was really nervous cause everyone was so good.
We were the 2nd last so we got to saw the other schools first.
I sat beside Najihah and we were like, 'Wei, bagus gila siot'
Cause they had great actions and their voice projection was quite good.

By the time we went on, i was so nervous gila gila gila, ohmygod.
We went on and when we said the first line, i was kind of shocked cause we were kind of louuuud.
Ok, wait, we were GILA loud.
Like, voice projection was superb (if i do say so myself).
Hafiz's cuckoo doodle doo was really good.
Really loud.

I forgot my freakin' gestures, weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

But takpe.


We went down and ofcourse, we were relieved.
SO relieved infact that from not wanting to do it all, we actually wanted to do it again.

Then RMC's team went up.
They were also very very good.
What do you expect, right ?
All of em are guys.

After them, there was a break for the panel of judges to y'knw, decide and all.
About 10 minutes or so, they came back in and we were really nervous.
The MC's were good too.
The level of suspense raised every second.
When he said, 'The top 2 schools that will be competing to the next level are..'

I wasn't really sure that we could win cause compared to the other schools, we were not as good.


Ok, this is getting nerve wrecking.

'... Taman Tun..'

He needn't say the rest cause we were already screaming and shouting and jumping.
Everyone looked but what do we care, right ?
We just won !

and ofcourse RMC won too.
So, all in all, it was good.
Got some food and went back to school.
OHMYGOD, we were soooo happy.

OVERJOYED, matter of fact.


(shall continue but i have to go, Najihot wants me on MSN. Guy problems.


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