Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i think i'm falling hard.

incase you're wondering, no, not fall literally -_-
just y'knw, falling.
in love, OUT of love, whatever.


great, just when a guy comes and before anything, he's gone, flirting with another girl.

i don't mind, really.
i mean, he's not MINE.
but, hmph.

this is what happens when you think you have everything in your hands.
including guys.

i actually miss talking to 'them'.
like all of em.
i miss last year.
really, i do.
i miss the form 3 (then lah. now they're 16) who were friendly enough to come to the koperasi and talk.
they're bitter now.

ok, well not all the form 3 guys were nice back then. some je la.
some, i've gotten to know better this year.
so technically, this year is better in a sense that i know most of em more.
last year, was so-so but adalah, haha.


who am i kidding, right ?
they won't sit up and notice us unless you go over there, flirt like hell, and sit on his lap.

guys these days have no sense of chivalry.

what are we, bloody Narnia ?


p/s : you won't read this, but honestly ? i miss you la. so much. :/

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