Tuesday, April 1, 2008

rachael's tag,

List 5 things you Wish for

1) To beat everyone in class so that they can leave their jaws wide open in astonishment, hahaha.

2) That Yves Saint Laurent wallet from Vogue

3) Money.

4) Better friends. SHE can tukar sekolah, i dnt need her.

5) For his attention.

The Person who tagged you:


Your first 5 impressions of her:

1) She gives me hugs most of the time :D
2) She cooks. Really really well. Unlike me.
3) She's super duper friendly with everyone. Hence, her popularity amongst her seniors.
4) Smart-ass.
5) She's thin. Like really thin. Bodoh. Hahaha

The most memorable thing she has done/given to you:
She actually LISTENS to wht i say.

If she becomes your lover, you two will:
We're straight, thnks.

5 people you tag:

1) Rachael (don't have to do it la cause you tagged me in the first place so really, i'm stupid, haha)
2) Ashley
3) Karen
4) Kaveetha
5) Nikster

Who is number 3 having a relationship with?
No one.

If number 2 and number 3 got together, would it be a good thing?
Hahaha, loseristic

What about number 4 and number 5?
They might as well be seeing how they're so close. Hahaha, kidding, fortunately for guys, they're straight.

What is number 3 studying?
Same things as me ?

When was the last time you chatted with number 5?
Hmm. Lama la actually

Does number 4 work?
Nuh uh

Would you be with number 1?
Hahahaha, i love her. :D

How about number 5?
Apa masalah tanya soalan relationships je ?

Does number 2 have any siblings?
I know she has an elder brother but other than that (if any), i don't know.

How did you get to know number 2 and number 4?
Both from lst year. Though freakishly, i knew Nikki's name yet can't remember her at all. Ashley says lama dah, but i'm so loseristic, i frgt.

Where does number 1 live at?
I know this ! Opposite SK1. Like a few doors down from Nikki's.

Is number 3 the sexiest person in the world?
Mhmm (; hahaha

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