Thursday, April 3, 2008


aren't always as you hoped they'd be.
and they say we're the hard ones, huh ?

What's so hard anyways ?

1. When we're upset, clearly we want you there asking what's wrong and push us to talk about whatever that's bothering us.

2. It doesn't hurt to get a flower every now and then.

3. When you stop doing anything like saaaay, texting, that doesn't mean we've gone away. That just means we want YOU to text us instead of vice versa.

4. When we like you, we try our hardest to act oblivious to the smallest things. Like, when you come up and say something or ask or even smile, we'd probably ignore it. The real reason ? We don't want to put our hopes (that the fact that there's a chance you have the tiniest crush on us) so high only to be crushed later on. Or, we're too freakin' nervous. What you don't know, is that I write whatever you did in my diary. And the scene repeatedly crosses my mind.

5. Why we don't smile back ? Only because we're too shy.

6. Why only the mention of you gets me smiling from ear to ear ? Cause I have this tiny thing called having a crush on you.

Ok, this is getting personal.


A huge congratulations to the kawad teams who won. Great work and definitely, a well deserved winning.


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