Saturday, April 12, 2008

golden nite,

was admittedly fun.

though i had to strain my neck to see the perfomances cause we were at the table right at the back.

ok, by 4.30, Mama and I went out to Curve to do our hair.
My mum had to highlight some so that took some time.
Came back and made a mad rush to the door cause mum had to be at the community hall by 6.30 and it was already 7.
So went to Kai Wen's and got ready there.
Talked a bit and told stories, hahaha.
Najihah came at 7.45
And she had to change into MY skirt as to her pants.
Hahahaha, something she decided to not tell her parents.

Went at like 8.
Alot of people were waiting outside.
I thought my dress was a bit too short but i saw this girl wearing something totally shorter so i could finally breathe in relief.

It started by 8.20 and it was all good.
Performances was really really good, ok.
Choir was fantastic, so was the scouts (+ 1 KRS, haha) and the Indian dance.
Really good.
And the 'Idol's' were alright.
Najihah and I were too busy making trips to the toilet for a camwhore session, hahaha.
tapi selalu tak jadi.
byt the time, we came in, Adibah Noor was performing.'

Then, the oh so famous Meet Uncle Hussain
-_-" one word, honey.
They were totally drunk. Seriously, they can't sing for guts.
Syakiiir, no offence. I know they're your favourite, haha
OK, well, not that dramatic la, but their song that they performed was fast but they did it in an acoustic way which was abit disappointing.
Ashraf Ariff was sitting with me and he ruined most of the songs by making it his own, haha.
I preferred OAG, cause they actually sang a song i RECOGNIZED.
That Generasiku song cause it was from Gol&Gincu.
So the whole lot of us were singing crap.
It was fun though.

It ended and Mama decided to go back right after it finished.
I thought as y'knw stage manager, she had to settle some stuffs, but nooo -_-"
But before anything, took some pictures with some people.
Haha :D
Fun laaa.

Some disappointments, but anyhoo.

The guy i was talking abt in my previous post, i've lost the interest i had for him.
I have a new crush but okay, i admit, i still am jealous whenever i see the guy i made a post for, is with this girl, and both are totally flirting.

I give it hmm, about a week's MAX for them to hook up and mmaybe 3 weeks more for them to break up and hate each other.

That's Malaysia for you, baby.
When they say I LOVE YOU like it's any other phrase.


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